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Bakery & Coffee Houses / Deli & Sandwiches / Mexican / Oriental  / Pizza / Family Dining / Fast Food / Steak Houses 


 »Bakery/Coffee Houses

Bluff's Bakery                                                                      308-632-6730   
1520 Broadway Scottsbluff, NE       

  Bagels, Soup & sandwiches, wedding cakes, espresso and more! All products 
  made daily.  Daily Specials.  Open Mon-Fri 5:30am-5:30pm, Sat 5:30am-1:00pm.

Emporium Coffee House and Café                                        308-632-6222  
1818 1st Ave  Scottsbluff, NE                

  A big city menu in an upscale Bistro setting.  Lunch & Dinner menu in a great
  atmosphere.  Dine inside or try the patio!

Cappucino & Co.                                                                 308-635-9997
1703 Broadway, Scottsbluff, NE 


Daily Grind Coffee House                                                     308-436-9191  
1945 10th St, Gering, NE                

Jax Gourmet Coffee and Snow                                            308-220-3967 
409 W 27th St.  Scottsbluff, NE        

Caribou Coffee                                                                    308-632-2002 
(inside Family Thrift Center)2817 Ave B, Scottsbluff           

WOW International Coffee & Tea House                              308-632-6495 
1515 Broadway Scottsbluff, NE 


»Deli & Sandwiches

Gabe's Barbeque Smokehouse                                            308-436-7400
1930 10th St  Gering, NE              
Great barbeque beef and pork.  Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Sun and Mon.

Other Place Bagel and Sandwich Shop                                308-436-5087   
1440 10th St. Gering, NE           
Steaming hot soups, fresh salads and sandwiches.  Serving breakfast and lunch.

Quizno's Classic Subs                                                          308-635-0330 
2801 Ave B, Scottsbluff                    
Chef inspired recipes.  Sub sandwiches, bread bowls, soup and salads.  Kids menu.

Subway Sandwich Shop & Salads        
704 W 27th Scottsbluff, NE                                                    308-632-3005
1635 10th St Gering, NE                                                        308-436-2211
3 locations serving great subway sandwiches.


Carmen's Burritos & Restaurant                                          308-632-7650
813 Ave A Scottsbluff, NE           

 Home made Mexican Food. Lunch Buffet Thurs & Friday.  Serving Breakfast and
 Lunch.  Great breakfast burritos.

El Charrito Restaurant & Lounge                                        308-635-3534
802 21st Ave Scottsbluff, NE           

 Authentic Mexican food for lunch and dinner.  Regulars love the pork chili, the
 guacamole and flaky, melt-in-your-mouth sopapillas. Dine in or carry out.

El Molcajete                                                                        308-632-7301
1013 E Overland Dr  Scottsbluff

 Excellent Mexican fare for lunch and dinner.  Some of the best Mexican  food you'll
 ever eat. Dine in or carry out.

Hacienda Los Garcias                                                           308-635-0400
3460 N 10th St. Gering, NE                              

Authentic Mexican Food.   Open 11am-2pm  5pm-8pm  Mon-Sat

La Plaza Restaurant                                                            308-630-1050
822 SW Beltline  Scottsbluff, NE

 Genuine Mexican Cuisine.  Open 6am-7pm Mon-Sat,  7am-3pm Sun.

Mi Paisano Grill                                                                    308-632-7108
608 East 27th St. Scottsbluff, NE               

 Authentic Mexican and Traditional Italian Food.  Open for Breakfast,  Lunch and
 Dinner.  Dine in or carry out.

Mi Ranchito II Restaurant                                                   308-632-1766
1901 E 20th St. Scottsbluff, NE                   
Serving traditional Mexican fare for lunch and dinner.  Try our fried ice cream!

Rosita's                                                                               308-632-2429
1205 E Overland Dr, Scottsbluff, NE   

  Flavorful Mexican cuisine.  A quaint little spot with lots of savor! Serving lunch &

Sandy's Burritos                                                                  308-436-2758
1925 10th St. Ste B Gering

 Traditional Mexican Food.  Eat-in or Take-out.  Fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. 
 Burritos all day Tues & Wed. Hrs:  Mon-Fri 8:30am-8:30pm;  Sat 8am-4:30pm

Taco de Oro                                                                        308-632-8322
2601 Ave I  Scottsbluff, NE                       

 Home made Mexican food.  Great smothered enchiladas.  Serving Lunch and Dinner. 
 Closed Mondays.

Taco Town                                                                          308-635-3776
1007 W 27th  Scottsbluff, NE                        

 Great Mexican American food.  Crispy tacos, delicious enchilada's, pork chili and more.
 Open for lunch and dinner.



 China Buffet                                                                       308-635-8534
 1508 E 20th Scottsbluff, NE                   
 Chinese buffet serving lunch and dinner.  Eat in, carry out, or delivery. 
 Open 7 days a week.

China House                                                                       308-436-5669
1516 10th St  Gering, NE                       

Wonderful House Restaurant                                              308-632-3860
Hwy 26 & Ave I  Scottsbluff, NE                   

 Mandarin, Hunan, Szechuan, Cantonese Cuisine. Special Family style
 dinner.  Party Facility available.  Delivery, Dine in, or carry out. 
 Open 7 days a week.  Lunch and dinner.



 Domino's Pizza                                                                   308-635-0330
1015 W 27th St. Scottsbluff, NE                  

  Dine in, carry out, and delivery.  Open Sun-Thurs 11am to 11pm. Fri-Sat 11am -12pm.

Godfather's Pizza                                                                308-632-3644
2207 Broadway  Scottsbluff, NE               

  Delicious Chicago Style Pizza.  Dine in, carry out, delivery.  Buffet available. 
  Open lunch and dinner.

Papa John's                                                                        308-632-7474
806 ½ E 27th  Scottsbluff, NE                    

"Better Ingredients, Better Pizza"  Take out or delivery.  Call for specials.

Papa Murphy's                                                                    308-635-7755
2801 Ave B Scottsbluff, NE                   

 Hand made ‘take-n-bake' pizza. Call or stop in to order.

Pizza Hut
726 W 27th  Scottsbluff, NE                                                   308-632-3022
1675 10th St  Gering, NE                                                       308-436-5000 

 You know their pizza, always good.  Will deliver or you can pick up.  They also
 have a lunch buffet.


»Family Dining 

Applebees                                                                           308-635-7750
2621 5th Ave Scottsbluff                       

 From steaks to salads, you'll be ‘Eatin' good in the Neighborhood.' Eat in or carry out. 

Country Kitchen                                                                  308-635-3800
3485 N 10th St Scottsbluff                       

 "Come Home to the Good Stuff"  Full menu and specials, open 24 hours.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery                                               308-635-2035
303 W Hwy 26th Scottsbluff, NE           

 Full menu plus fresh baked treats!  Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Shari's Restaurant                                                              308-635-3464
1408 Circle Dr, Scottsbluff, NE                                                               

 Breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, desserts, kids menu.  Open 24 hours.

Skyport Restaurant & Lounge                                            308-632-3673  
Located in the Western Regional Airport                    

 Great homestyle cooking.  Daily breakfast and lunch specials. 
  Open 7 days a week.

Whistle Stop Café                                                               308-220-3556
1900 SW Beltline  Scottsbluff, NE               

  Full Service Restaurant.        

Woodshed Restaurant                                                        308-635-3684
18 E 16th St.  Scottsbluff, NE               

  Cozy atmoshphere.  Great burger's, club sandwiches, lasagna.  Open for lunch.


»Fast Food 

Arby's                                                                                 308-632-3300
607 W 27th Scottsbluff, NE                         

 Enjoy a popular Market Fresh sandwich or classic roast beef for lunch and dinner.

Dairy Queen Brazier                                                            308-632-3663
714 W 27th Scottsbluff, NE                 

 Not only do you get great ice cream but they serve hot sandwiches for lunch
 and dinner.

Culver's                                                                               308-220-0045
23 W 27th St. Scottsbluff, NE                     

 Frozen Custard and Butter Burgers.  Taste how much we care.  Open Daily 10:30am
 to 11:00pm.

Kentucky Fried Chicken                                                       308-632-3221
W 27th St & Ave I, Scottsbluff, NE           

 Specializing in Original Recipe and Extra Crispy chicken with home made sides. 

511 W 27th Scottsbluff NE                                                     308-632-6511
1855 10th St. Gering, NE                                                       308-436-7407

 Everyone knows the Golden Arches!  Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner with a

Platte Valley Creamery                                                        308-632-4225
1005 E Overland, Scottsbluff, NE           

 Try our great Strawberry Sundaes and unique home made ice cream.  

Runza Restaurant
1823 Broadway Scottsbluff                                                     308-632-6771             
1250 13th St. Gering, NE                                                       308-436-7869

 A variety of famous Runza sandwiches, burgers, soup, salads, and kids meal.

Scotties Drive-In                                                                308-635-3314
618 E 27th St.  Scottsbluff, NE                      

 The food here is perfect for those who miss the local drive-in scene in the 60's
  and 70's.  Dine in  & Carry out. Sun-Thu 10am to 10pm, Fri-Sat 10am to 11pm.

Taco Bell                                                                             308-632-8220
804 W 27th Scottsbluff, NE                       

 Come taste our Tex-Mex cuisine and see our Big Bell value Menu.

Taco John's                                                                         308-632-3100
3650 N 10th  Gering, NE                        

 This restaurant features the great food of Taco John's for lunch and dinner.

Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers                                    308-632-4118
3580 N Gering, NE           

 Try our burgers, frescata sandwiches, salads, baked potatoes and chile.  Finish
 with a frosty for desert.  Lunch and dinner.  Drive thru open late.


»Steak Houses

 Feed Barn Restaurant                                                        308-623-2300
1632 Center Ave, Mitchell, NE                 

 Great Steaks, cozy atmosphere, home made pies and cheesecake.  Open for
 lunch and dinner.  Closed on Mondays.  Call about Sunday brunch!

Gaslight Restaurant and Lounge                                        308-632-7315
3315 N 10th St.  Gering, NE           

 Great steaks, shrimp, and more.  Open evenings for dinner.

Gilli's Fillin' Station                                                             308-632-2100
2800 N. 10th Gering, NE                   

 Steaks, Salmon, Shrimp, Burgers and appetizers.  Prime Rib available Fri and Sat nights.

 Log Cabin Restaurant and Lounge                                    308-436-4786
1205 M Gering, NE               

Oregon Trail Wagon Train Restaurant                                308-586-1850
Bayard, NE               

 Chuck wagon cook out.  Great steaks grilled over open wood fire.  Reservations.

Prime Cut Meat Market                                                      308-632-5353
305 W 27th St.  Scottsbluff, NE                

 Steak, shrimp, and more.  Daily Luncheon specials served.  Ask about our Low
 carb meals.  Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri &  Sat - 11am to 10pm.

Stockfeeders Club Restaurant & Lounge                           308-247-2205
204 Center Ave  Morrill, NE       

 Famous for Prime Rib & Rib Eye Steaks.  Full line of seafood.  Reservations suggested. 

Whiskey Creek Steakhouse                                               308-632-4900
1802 E 20th Pl Scottsbluff, NE           

 The recipe for a great steak~! Try our drinks and desserts, too. 
 Dine In/Carry out/Catering.


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